It's a Plastic World

Learn about Plastic…

  • Plastic is a material made out of fossil fuels (like oil) and other chemicals. There are many types of plastic.
  • The North Pacific Gyre is a slow-moving spiral of currents that has accumulated bits of plastic to become what is known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. It is 30 meters deep and covers an area about the size of Northern Europe or two states of Texas.
  • It is important to recycle plastic to prevent it from entering our natural environment and oceans, where it can harm wildlife. 



Try one of the following activities to take action:

  • Plastic Count – Go through your bedroom and count how many things you can find that contain some part that is made out of plastic. Remember that plastics are often hiding in synthetic clothing materials, parts of your shoes, and as components on toys and electronics. How many things did you count? 
  • Plastic search – Go to a nearby river, lake or creek and see if you can find any plastic garbage. Count how many pieces you pick up.
  • Plastic Free Day – Try to live a whole day without using anything made out of plastic. How long can you go without using plastic?


Journaling prompts

Choose one of the topics below to write about:

  • Why do you think plastic is found in so many things?
  • Can you think of some materials that we could use to replace plastic? Give some examples.
  • What do you think our world would be like without plastics? Would it be better or worse?



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