Earthy Organics Farm Tour!

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What animals do you have on the farm? What vegetables do you grow? How do you water your crops? These questions, along with others, were being asked in the first five minutes of our tour of the Earthy Organics farm in Fruitvale. Grade 6/7 students from Glenmerry Elementary were excited and ready to experience farm life on this beautiful sunny day. With clipboards and farm journals in hands, the students followed farmer Johnny through the process of growing organic vegetables on the 10 acre farm, which started in 2002. The dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, and goats were the highlight for some students, while transplanting cucumbers to take home were the highlights for others. We all chipped in to weed the rows for the upcoming tomato transplants before saying our thank you’s and heading back to the school.  Teachers and students alike felt inspired to garden, eat local, and share their farm experience with their families. Now we know why eating local and organic is a win win for the health of our bodies and the environment. Thank you Early Organics Farm!.