The Family Eco Challenge

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We have started the Beyond Recycling Family EcoChallenge! Both Robson Community School and Twin Rivers Elementary School have received the Family EcoChallenge booklets to complete. This kicks off a 6 week EcoChallenge where each student and their families work towards making changes in their homes and lifestyle in order to decrease their Ecological Footprint. Within the booklet there are 5 categories that they focus on: Energy, Waste, Water, Transportation and Food. The students keep track of their commitments and actions and tally up their eco-points each week. The two schools, along with a school in Nelson, will be having a friendly competition with each other to determine the class who collects the most eco-points. At the end of the challenge there will be an assessment based on the booklets and the reductions that each family has made by completing the challenge. This is a win-win for everyone! Families will save money on bills, students can receive prizes from some of our Beyond Recycling funders, and we can all tread a little bit lighter on our planet Earth! Keep checking back to see weekly updates on the challenge. Good luck to all participants!