Students share thoughts on Beyond Recycling program

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It’s always sad to end the year of Beyond Recycling and say goodbye to the relationships we’be built over the year. This year we celebrated with the Real Food Potluck where students brought in REAL food to share with the class. Food brought in was either locally grown, made with little processing or healthy. There was an amazing choice of food options and we all ate well. Students also shared their thoughts about the program, included below: My family and me discovered lots of different stuff about our impact on planet earth – Dustin Beyond Recycling changes your whole perspective – Justin We might not have enough for our younger generations – Belle Beyond Recycling helps you use less – Elliot Beyond Recycling is “world saving, life saving and awesome” – Wyatt Beyond Recycling teaches you to be a better person to the earth Beyond Recycling is a fun way to take care of the earth – Conner I turned off the lights and I didn’t know it could be so easy. – Annaliese I can buy food with less packaging and that came from a place closer – Taylor