Eco-Challenge at Kinnaird Elementary

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The results are in! The Grade 4 students at Kinnaird Elementary participated in a four week long Eco Challenge with their families. Participants earned points each time they took a positive action to help the environment and reduce their eco-footprint. Some examples are: turning off lights that were not in use, eating a local meal or using a reusable water bottle. The results of the Eco-challenge are now in and after being put through a carbon saving calculator, we now know how much carbon the class saved through their actions! Twenty Kinnaird students saved 105.3 tonnes of carbon, mostly through waste reduction and eating more local meals! Way to go Kinnaird! Here’s what a couple students had to say about participating in the Eco-Challenge: "My family now does almost everything in the EcoChallenge booklet and my whole family participates." Taylor "I learned about how much waste affects the earth and living things like animals and people. I learned ways we can reduce this waste and save the earth." Tyler