Twin Rivers Elementary Saved 88.2 tonnes of carbon!

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The results from Twin Rivers’ 4 week long Eco-Challenge are in! The class saved 88.2 tonnes of carbon through eco-footprint shrinking actions (based on our carbon saving calculator). Through little everyday actions, participants saved energy, water, waste and learned a lot about reducing their impacts. Twin Rivers students had a lot to say about their experiences: "I learned that one person alone can make a lot more garbage than they think and how little actions can reduce that waste dramatically!" -Chase "What I learned from the Eco-Challenge was that I should compost and recycle more often. I could also turn the heat down to save energy at our house and encourage Aunties and Uncles to do it too so that eventually, we will have lots of energy all around the world. Now me and my brother are always doing eco-challenge stuff like turning off water while brushing our teeth and unplugging electronics when we are not using them and closing curtains to save heat." -Noah "I think that the eco challenge has changed my perspective on almost everything. My family has started to recycle more and do more. I think that even though in the beginning, my family did not like it, now it is like our daily routine! The eco challenge was a great thing that most kids don’t get to learn about so I’m happy I did it." -Akaysha