Rossland Summit School gets passionate about Energy Sources!

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School:  Rossland Summit

The Grade 6/7 class at Rossland Summit School took part in a heated debate today. This Energy Debate looked at 5 different energy sources (Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Fossil Fuels, and Hydro). Each energy source had a group represent the pros and cons of that source. With research completed last week, all groups were ready to prove and defend their source. All groups had strong opening statements as well as rebuttal responses. The discussion proved to be very 2 sided with all energy sources having multiple pros and cons to back up each one. At the end of the debate, however, we all agreed that there is no ONE PERFECT energy source. The best thing we can do as environmental stewards is to learn as much as we can about all sources so we can understand how to use less energy in our daily lives. All sources have some impact on our Earth, so let’s use our energy wisely!