The Energy "Debaters" at Kootenay Orchards

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The students at Kootenay Orchards, spent the last week researching with their groups the various energy topics in preparation for today’s great Debate. The topics included were, Wind, Solar, Tidal, Fossil Fuels, Hydro and Nuclear. The groups presented their arguments , having the opportunity to state their case on why their particular energy resource was the best, rebut each others argument and conclude with the "firing line" with each other (a 30sec back and forth exchange, making quick points to state their case and add any further information). Like the CBC radio show, "the Debaters" the audience had the opportunity to cheer on which group provided the best argument, rebuttal and firing line debate. It was a great opportunity for students to test out their debating skills, have fun and learn more about the various energy resources available to us.