"Toss, Grow, and Enjoy" Native Seed Bombs at RSS

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School:  Rossland Summit

Mrs. Heikkila’s Gr. 6/7 class at Rossland Summit School enjoyed getting their hands dirty while making their own Native Seed Bombs for Earth Day. Each student, from this Beyond Recycling program, made 4 seed bombs containing native, non-invasive seeds. Each seed bomb contained 4 seed species: Round Leaved Alumroot, Small Flowered Penstemon, Yellow Glacier Lilly, and Bee Blend Wildflowers. We made the seed bombs on Wed, and then let them dry until we tossed them with love into the re-established North Jubilee Wetland area on Friday, Earth Day” said Jess Williams, Beyond Recycling facilitator, “The seed bombs were easy to make and it was nice not to have to coordinate tools and other materials to do the planting. Just toss, grow, and enjoy” Along with learning about why we celebrate Earth day, each student learned why using non-invasive plant species is vital to increasing our biodiversity in our community. The students also left with 2 seed bombs of their own in which they could distribute in a location of their choice, their yard or somewhere in their community. “Guerilla gardening is so cool!” Exclaimed one student, “I’m tossing my seed bomb into an ugly spot on the side of the road that I always pass by as I walk to school.” With some rain, sunshine, and some luck, Rossland will have beautiful new plants growing this season. Thanks to the Beyond Recycling students at RSS and this Earth Day event!