Moon Gravity Farm Tour!

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School:  Rossland Summit

Rossland Summit School was put to work on their REAL Food Farm Tour this week. We visited the Moon Gravity Farm located in Rossland to learn about what it takes to produce yummy local food. The students walked amongst the farms many animals; sheep, goats, chickens, bees, and even mingled with some guest frogs! There was a great discussion on the importance of soil and water systems that the farm works WITH not against in the natural environment. The students learned first hand how animal grazing practices and swale formations were important aspects of this working farm. After chasing the chickens and goats, we all got together to add mulch to the newly planted fruit tree farm area. Thanks to Andrew and his family, we all got to be farmers for an afternoon! Hard work, but worth the effort to bring Rossland, local, nutritious food.