How Local Can You Get?

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J.A. Laird Elementary Students took a recent trip to Winderberry Farm in Windermere to see just how local our food can get. At Winderberry, it’s about 100 feet – the distance from the field to the café. Winderberry’s knowledgeable farmer, Oliver led us through the greenhouses and fields, showing us the large variety of fruit and veggies (plus ornamental flowers) that grow well in the Columbia Valley. We talked about the hard work involved and the importance of eating local to minimize transportation emissions, and reducing our ecological footprints. The Gr. 5 students experienced some of the hard work first hand. They cleared a field in a rock picking contest and transplanted parsley – don’t worry though, they were rewarded with samples of fresh rhubarb and a variety of leafy greens. Thanks Winderberry!