Like a Load of Recycling

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1315kg. That’s how much the J.A. Laird Elementary Gr. 5 class weighed – about the same as a load of recycling. As part of their Beyond Recycling learning, the students had an opportunity to visit the Materials Recycling Facility, bottle processing plant and the landfill with RDEK’s Loree Duzcek. They learned all about how Invermere’s recyclables first travel to Cranbrook for processing before being sent out to Airdrie, Vancouver, Oregon and beyond to be made into new items. The recycling facility was closed for the day so the students got a special treat – they were able to head up to the “gallery” where staff sort recyclables by hand. A few kids thought working there would be a cool job, but a labour intensive one! This added bonus highlighted the importance of taking care to sort your disposables properly. When each truck load is 1315kg, mistakes can sure add up quickly!