Frank K Mitchell students follow the story of their stuff

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All that STUFF…Where does it go? When asked what the most memorable moment of the Beyond Recycling program was, Frank J Mitchell students responded overwhelmingly, “The trip to the landfill!” After spending several weeks learning all about the story of everything we use – what it’s made of, where those materials come from and the process required to get it from the Earth to our hands – students were stumped when it came to answering the question, “What happens to it next?” So following in Mrs Frizzle’s footsteps, we climbed aboard the bus and travelled from Sparwood to the RDEK’s recycling facilities and landfill located in Cranbrook. We were amazed at how much stuff came in EVERY DAY! It doesn’t seem like much when you throw it out, but seeing the piles of material to be sorted at the recycling facility made us think twice. As did the landfill, a hill growing day-by-day. We were excited by how much could be recycled and many were adamant they would be more conscious with their own stuff. Thank you to Loree at the RDEK for taking time to show us around and encourage us to always think of the end of our story of stuff!