Do YOU Want to be a Garbologist?

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Rosemont’s Grade 5’s were asked that this week, when visited by “world-renowned” Garbologist Dr. LePew. She came to help them learn about their class’s “garbaging habits” by looking at what all goes into their class garbage bin and what should go elsewhere (like the recycling bin, for instance). When asked at the beginning of her presentation who already knew they wanted to be a garbologist when they grew up, one keen student raised his hand (or did he scratch his head?), and ended up being her helper – and a Garbologist-in-training! Perhaps Dr. LePew didn’t succeed in recruiting all the students to her field of work, but it certainly was eye-opening seeing that the class cut their garbage by more than half once the compost and the recyclables were taken out of the “garbage” pile. When students were helping tidy up after the demonstration, rinsing the recyclables and packaging the compost for transport home, people were talking about maybe assigning a person to keep daily tabs on their garbage bin to help remember what goes in, and what stays out.