Earth Day at Rosemont!

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Rosemont Elementary hosted an Earth Day assembly, where Class 5’s contribution was only part of the celebration. That said, it was amazing what they did – they had taken their Stuff and Waste EcoChallenge really seriously, and considered what they really wanted to do with it. The class decided that educating the school about playground litter was to be their challenge (because they had spent time every morning in the fall, cleaning up litter from the day before). Class 5 has bought new garbage and recycling receptacles for the playing field, and will be in charge of them. They presented a skit to the school as to how to use them properly – Mr. Garfield B. Can is for real garbage, Mr. Richard Cycle is for recyclables – and the other students presented pieces of “litter” they had collected over the year and showed the other grades what to do with them (either disposing of them in either can, or asking an adult for help, or taking clothes and tupperware containers back in to the school, for example). Way to go, Class 5! Hopefully you’ll now not have to clean up any more litter in the playing fields because, as they said in their skit, they’d like to help change everyone’s attitude so littering no longer even is considered.