Waste Reduction EcoChallenge- Grade 6/7 Arrow Heights Elementary, Revelstoke

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Blog written by: Aislin Buchanan, Meya Musseau and Lillian Vickers. Grade 6/& students

To reduce waste in our classroom, we started separating our garbage. We did this so that our waste would go in the right spot (actual waste, recycling, and composting). We got a cart and added a paper towel bucket, plastics bucket and a compost bin. We took away our larger class garbage can because we now have less garbage (we just use a small garbage bin).

Beside our sinks, we now have cloth towels donated by students, to wipe our hands. This will reduce the amount of trees that get chopped down for paper towels!

The Waste Reduction EcoChallenge is a great experience and makes us think more about the environment and helps us understand how to make less garbage.