School Wide Plastic Recycling Started at Arrow Heights Elementary, Revelstoke

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Mrs. Gadbois and her Grade 5/6 class have been recycling drink containers at Arrow Heights Elementary School for the past number of years.  As our Waste Eco-Challenge, we wanted to expand the school recycling to include plastic containers.  We ordered 8 plastic recycling bins for our class as well as the other classes within our school.

As a class, we are teaching the other classes which plastic containers and packaging can be recycled.  In groups, we visited each class and explained what students need to do with the plastic containers and packaging before putting them into the blue recycling bin. Our class gathers the plastic containers, weighs the total, and puts the bags ready to be taken from the school to be recycled as part of the community and then city recycling.

Since our Waste Eco-Challenge began, we have saved 2.5 Kg of plastic from going into the landfill.  We are proud of this project to help put less plastic in the landfill!!