How ONE Tree can help our Earth!

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Students from Robson Community School in Mrs. Steinstra’s Gr. 5 class celebrated Earth Day 2018 with a focus on “How one Tree can help our Earth”. After researching what types of trees to plant on their school yard, the students then brainstormed the many nature services one tree can provide. A full morning of hard work and team work saw a Maple, Lilac, and Willow tree planted. To finalize this Earth Day project, the students then designed post cards to place around the trees wire cages that shared all the reasons why this ONE Tree can help their school, community and our Earth!

Robson students planting trees on Earth Day!

“Its so amazing to see how the students get excited and yet so focused on doing something positive for their local environment. A tree cleans our air, supports pollinators, provides shade, and has the opportunity to grow with the students as they grow in their community. When they see their tree they will always remember Beyond Recycling and Earth Day 2018 – What an awesome legacy!” Jess Williams