We are Nature

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School:  Hume Elementary

At Redfish Elementary, the Grade 5s are animals!

At Redfish, WE ARE NATURE! Sometimes as humans we forget that we are inseparable from and part of the natural world. With this Beyond Recycling lesson we celebrated what a wonderful world in which we live. Students related to the pure joy of being a baby elk splashing in mud puddles and to the flow of energy through the veins of a maple leaf.

They contemplated the complex connections between soil, water, air and sunshine and all living organisms, including us. To consider how each organism plays an important role in the intricate web of life, students spun a web of connections while standing among the tall Hemlocks and Cedars. Their nature “selfie” artwork was left in the forest for the squirrels to admire.

We are the flowers blooming in the forest, the wind blowing through the trees, and the water spilling into Kootenay Lake. We are the choices we make and we are nature. When we care for nature, we are caring for ourselves!