Local Food, Walking Field Trip

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Is that corn?  I found a worm!  How deep do I plant this?  Smell this flower!

Students from Blaine Broderick’s grade 5 class had the opportunity to spend some time with master gardener and seed saver Jean Dakin in her home garden, four doors down from Lady Grey Elementary School in Golden.  Jean has been growing most of her food for a long time.  She also shared with the students that she has contributed six types of seed to the Seeds of Diversity Canada Seed Bank.

Students planted onion sets, learned about how to harden off the plants they have started and visited blooming flowers (which are good for the pollinators and “for nice”).

Jean graciously invited students to return to follow up on how their onions are progressing.  Wow, an open invitation to come in the open back gate to explore food growing!  Now that is a food connection!