Track Street Growers Farm Tour

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‘My favorite part of Beyond Recycling was when we went to Track Street Growers.  I found that it was so much fun that we got to bike and have a great tour!’ Breena, student

Beyond Recycling students in Ms. Newtons class biked from Begbie View Elementary to Track Street Growers for an incredible farm tour. First of all we learned about their compost system.  Grade 5 student Eric said ‘The thing that I learned that was so surprising was that their compost has three sections, a cold one, warm one and a hot one where the worms are.  I did not know that a compost can get so hot.” 

Students enjoyed learning about how chickens help around the farm by eating invasive species and weeds.  They also help fertilize the farm as they do this!  Students also got to help collect eggs.  

A highlight for many students was learning about the lifecycle of bees, their importance in farming and how to take care of them throughout the year.  Students were treated with a demonstration of how to spin honey and got to taste test the final product!

After the tour, students rolled up their sleeves and helped pull some invasive species and used wheelbarrows to move mulch. 

After our farm tour we biked back to the school and celebrated with our Real Food Potluck Eco Challenge.  Students were incredibly creative with their contribution to the potluck.  What a great way to finish Beyond Recycling!