The Story of Our Stuff

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School:  Hume Elementary

It’s easy to slip on a pair of jeans, crack open a jar of jelly or kick a soccer ball at practice without a second thought as to the origins and story of our everyday items. 

Today students presented the life stories of some common things. Starting with the extraction of raw materials, students illustrated how batteries, jeans, soccer balls, pencils, cans, and bottles are manufactured, distributed, consumed and finally recycled or disposed of. They also considered some environmental impacts at each step or chapter in the in the story. Fantastic job with your presentations!  

The life cycle of stuff often ends with disposal in a landfill where valuable resources are buried. We can move from the linear model of “take, make and throw away” and get “loopy” by recycling! Let’s keep our resources “cycling” to be reused again and again- changing the beginning and end to our Story of Stuff.