Real Food Feast

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School:  Hume Elementary

As a wrap-up to Beyond Recycling at Hume School we celebrated with a Real Food Feast. The students were challenged to bring something to share with the class that was nutritious, grown locally, grown organically, homemade without unknown ingredients, used little to no disposable packaging and available in season.

After introducing how and why each contribution was “real food” our table was filled with sweet apples and carrots from the Okanagan, locally hunted sausage,  fresh garden chives and potatoes, homemade breads and local jam and cookies, milk and cheese from Creston and nutritious salads and fruits. What a great day to stop by for lunch in the Grade 5 class!

 We felt great eating this healthy lunch and knowing how our food choices affect the size of our Ecological-footprints, we also felt great by making sustainable food choices!