Beeswax and Pine Resin Cotton Cloths

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The grade 5 Twin Rivers class has been saving all the one time use plastic lunch snacks that their class uses since the beginning of the year.  This pile has been growing remarkably quickly.  We decided to do something about it. 

We would use natural materials to make reusable snack cloths that would reduce the amount of plastic bags the students use in their lunches. 
We reused cotton fabric which we cut into squares.  The two classes of Twin Rivers Grade 5 and 6 then each got to come to the school kitchen to sprinkle beeswax and pine resin to their fabric sheets.  These were then put into the oven for 5 minutes.  During that 5 minutes, the wax and resin melted into the cotton sheet.  These sheets were then peeled off the baking tins and quickly dried. Presto!  Each student went home with a reusable, earth and ocean friendly, love filled reusable snack cloth!!!  They were thrilled!  Many went away with excitement to sew buttons and a wee string on their cloths.