Felting The Earth

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Earth Day is a special celebration in Beyond Recycling classes, and Mrs. Turcon’s class undertook a special project to show their appreciation. In conjunction with their grade 7 buddy class, the grade 5s used felt to create a wall hanging for the school’s multi-purpose room.

First, the students learned the ins and outs of using scraps of natural fibers to create 2D or 3D art while making name tag medallions. Next, they practised these skills by felting landscapes depicting what a sustainable world might look. During this step, the full year of Beyond Recycling lessons were reviewed and discussed, and draft pictures were created. The landscapes were full of colour, life and energy, “there is no pollution in the air and no garbage in the water.” George explained. Drayton added, “there is a garden so we can eat close to home.”

The final product was a large collaborative mosaic style map of the Earth. The students choose this image themselves, without little guidance, and much pride!