Waste Eco Challenge at Mc Kim- Making recycled t-shirt bags

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School:  McKim Elementary

Students in Mrs Julie’s class at Mc Kim school, enthusiastically took on the “Waste” Eco Challenge and created recycled T-shirt bags. Motivated to create something to reduce the amount of plastic waste they were determined to make a difference. Students rummaged through their homes and with donations from the local thrift shop, we were able to collect enough old t-shirts for all the students to make a bag each. Students even decorated their bags to make them more personal. Some students decided to sew their bags, while others used the cut and tie method. All the bags were unique and students now have a recycled bag they can use for groceries, library books or whatever they desire.

The students took the learning even further and determined, that if each plastic bag created 33grams of CO2, then 25 students using their own t-shirts bags, would reduce 825grams of CO2 each time they all used their bags instead of plastic. It is truly amazing what an impact we can all have when we work together and get a little creative.