Paper Making – Windermere Elementary School

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November 15, 2019

Today our class got to wrap up our unit on lifecycles by making paper! This was a much anticipated lesson by the class (one student actually requested it before knowing it was on the schedule)!

Up to this point the class had learned about resources and the lifecycle of the things they use on a daily basis. This lesson was a great way to wrap up this unit as it gave the students the opportunity to be a part of the “production” stage.

We did the activity as a whole class with 2-3 students at each station:

1.    Paper Ripping and Colour Sorting

2.    Mixing and Blending Ingredients

3.    Paper Press and Spreading

4.    Excess Water Removal

5.    Paper Pressing

Throughout the class students got to rotate through all the stations giving them an opportunity to be a part of the whole process. At the end of the class the students worked together to clean up all the stations and we had a short amount of time to discuss the process and how they thought it all went. Overall the students were very excited to see the results and about having been a part of making something new from what otherwise would have been recycled.