High energy for our Energy Debates!

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The Gr. 5 students at Rossland Summit School held a very formal debate around the five energy sources: Fossil Fuels, Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro Power, and Nuclear Power. Each group came very prepared, as well as in their best dressed, to share knowledge and pros and cons of all the energy sources. A pick from the power source “hat” determined what group went head to head in the debate. The students really enjoyed the format of arguing for and against the power sources and the audience showed their support for the stronger argument by volume of applause! We also tried a fun debate with all renewable energy sources against non renewable, Fossil Fuels. This proved to be an interesting and also a very passionate round. What a great way to learn about all the options for our energy consumption. I believe that some students have a promising future in debating!! Well done Mrs. Jackman’s class.