Forary into Reducing Food Waste

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School:  McKim Elementary

The students in Mrs. Spensely/Ms. Gibbard’s gr 5/6 class have been talking a lot about waste. Food waste in particular.

The Beyond Recycling program starts with a unit on waste, and how waste has changed in type and amount over the years. The gr 5/6’s have been applying this learning to the delicious topic of food. They have been attempting to reduce their class garbage by having litter-less lunches every week. It’s been a tough challenge, but they are slowly making progress.

To see food waste reduction on a larger scale, the students took a field trip to the Kimberley Food Recovery Depot. The Kimberley Food Recovery Depot takes un-sellable but still edible food from grocery stores, sorts it and gives it away to local non-profit organizations and the public. While we were there, the class was inspired to further improve their litter-less lunch efforts and made personalized reminder signs.