Communities of the Future

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What will our communities look like in 20 years?  What if we used renewable energy, ate local food, reduced waste, protected water and used resources wisely?  The students in Ms. Cooper and Mr. Davies classes at Erickson Elementary had some great ideas! There were eco-friendly buildings using straw for insulation and solar panels on the roof.  There were building codes so that 1 person couldn’t live in a mansion by themselves, houses had to be built in proportion to the people occupying them.  They had bike, skateboard and horse-back riding pathways through their communities.  People could bring their broken down appliances to a repair store instead of throwing them out. They had electric vehicle charging stations, bee sanctuaries, orchards, farms and greenhouses. Community members used reusable bags for shopping, and single use plastic was not allowed in local stores. They also had outdoor theatre spaces where people could gather to watch plays and concerts as a community.  The students created some truly wonderful places to live!

It’s so interesting that some of this infrastructure and regulations exist now, and some we will look forward to in the future!