Shake that plastic off!

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Isabella Dicken Elementary School (IDES) students are moving, grooving, and finding ways to change the plastic world they live in. During this awesome lesson, Mrs. Conlin’s grade 6 class listed the plastics they use and touch everyday at home and at school. The students were amazed with how many plastic items they could come up with. Toothbrushes, cereal bags, remote controllers, toys and clothing were some of the many items listed.

We then blasted some stellar tunes and danced around the classroom! Playing an adapted version of musical chairs, these talented and fun dancers had to touch something plastic when the music stopped. They found this to be easy as most things are made of plastic. 


 As the lesson continued the class enjoyed dressing up their teacher Ms. Conlin in a chef costume. Ms. Conlin helped demonstrate the making of fossil fuels in a massive pot. The class helped contribute the ideas of ingredients for a fossil fuel recipe and props were used to represent each important element. We took an in-depth look at the North American gyre and the plastic floating around in the ocean. The class also viewed a short video on the Ocean CleanUp project that launched fall of 2021 off the coast of Vancouver Island. To finish, the students brainstormed ideas of how to reduce, reuse, recycle and modify their everyday plastic items. The class decided and voted that it could be possible to live in a world one day without plastic. Sometimes it just takes a bit of movement and dancing joy to work through life’s plastic challenges!