Teacher turned Fossil Fuels Chef!

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Mr. Karran, the Gr.7 teacher at Kinnaird Elementary School in Castlegar, become the Fossil Fuel Chef in the Beyond Recycling lesson tilted “Its a Plastic World”. The students witnessed their teacher dress up as a chef, laughing at the apron and chef hat, while learning the ingredients to make fossil fuels. This recipe included salt water for our oceans, beads for plankton, a clay plate to represent the impermeable layer, and a clock to demonstrate hundreds of millions of years to “bake” these ingredients into Fossil Fuels. When Mr. Karran went to retrieve the pot from the oven, we were surprised to see a vile of OIL in place of our pot. Students had a chance to pass around the oil (and a piece of coal), the discussion then moved towards what plastic is and how we use fossil fuels to produce this material. Another great hands-on lesson with Beyond Recycling!! Thanks Mr. Karran for being a great Fossil Fuels Chef!