A Great Debate!

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Madame Patrice and Madame Lapointe’s grade 6 class prepared and delivered a riveting debate on different types of energy sources.  Students from Isabella Dickens Elementary school worked together in groups researching their energy source of fossil fuels, solar, geothermal, wind, nuclear, or hydro.

Students had several classes to learn about energy and the multitude of ways in which energy is a vital part of who we are and what’s around us. With class time to research on computers the students compiled points, data, information and arguments to debate why their source of energy is the best. The groups split up the work and started preparing for the exciting debate ahead.

On debate day the students dressed up and looked extra spiffy to present their well prepared ideas and arguments.The students came prepared with rehearsed opening and closing statements. A firing round commenced and was energetic, entertaining and dynamic from group to group. The students had to think on their toes, respond in a timely, professional and sound manner. Those who prepared extra arguments gained ground on the debate floor as the next door class who observed the debates encouraged students with cheering and applauding! 

Teams took moments to discuss who made the next rebuttals and responded to their energy’s weak disadvantages. 

The key to this debate and the groups who found the most success were the ones who really listened to the other teams points. By listening and then critically thinking, many students found success with articulate rebuttals. 

These impressive and enthusiastic students gained a great skill of the art of debating from this Beyond Recycling lesson. Knowledge is power and when the homework is complete the debate can happen easily with great success! It was most inspiring watching these debates unfold and how committed some of these students were to executing a formal energy debate!