Connecting to Wetlands

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Earth Day can be a magical time of celebrating our planet all all that she provides for us. In Beyond Recycling, we make a point to do something special around April 22nd each year.

Ms. Rundberg’s class had an opportunity to do something extra special this year, as they are also part of Wildsight’s EcoStewards program. There, they will get to do a hands-on stewardship project planting trees and bushes at Elizabeth Lake as part of a larger restoration project.

The class has a special connection with Elizabeth Lake and have visited often through their years at the Gordon Terrace. They are very excited to help maintain their special place, so we spend our Earth Day time in Beyond Recycling learning about the importance of wetlands.

We started by visiting the lake to check out the bird blind, explore some of the many species who live in wetlands and discuss their interconnections. Then back at the school, we learned about the different nature services (17 in fact!) that wetlands help with. Nutrient cycling, education and inspiration, food production, pollination and waste management to name a few. In small groups, the students got to know and understand 3 or 4 then present their learnings to the class in a skit or a commercial. Hilarity ensued in this immersive learning!