When pandemic means composting

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It all started when we looked in the class garbage bin to figure that it was mostly hand brown paper in there!

The kids told me that was because of the pandemic, each class stopped using washable towels. I explained that in fact, brown paper is gold to any compost. People put a lot of green matters (garden, food) but a very good compost needs brown matters also.

We contacted a near by community village of 24 households to see if they would be interested in the full school brown paper every week. They were so happy about this offer but the kids were ask to be very careful to not give contaminated donation. 

I was very impressed by how the little 7 grade class set up a collecting system in each class. They visited every class to explain the contamination issue. They even draw a class follow up sheet. If the paper was contaminated they will give it back to the class. : ) They arrange a donation system to the community village. Everything when so smooth.

You know what? They are now saying loud and proud that this will continue next year! BRAVO!

Lyne Chartier, BR Educator!