To Infinity... and Beyond! (Recycling).

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The end of the school year is officially here. And what better way to finish Beyond Recycling in Golden than a trip to our local landfill to see it all in action!? I was joined by Graham and Paige from the CSRD along with Wildsight Educator Carrie Ferguson with both of my Beyond Recycling classes (Mr. Hein and Ms. BW- who arrived on an electric bus by the way) for a tour of our local landfill. 

Students learned the ins and outs about what stays, what goes, what is best practice, and what actually happens on a day to day basis at the Golden Landfill. Did you know, you can only dispose of paint on Saturday’s at 10am? Now you do! As well, students were intrigued by the ‘Reuse Centre’ which included a China Cabinet, chairs, a pair of good skis, a vaccum, and plenty of mugs to go around.

When asked what was valuable about the field trip, students claimed “I know how trash negatively impacts wildlife and what I can do to limit my waste!” along with other remarks such as “if we all work together to make a difference, maybe we will not see the Golden landfill being filled up in our lifetime.” Many students felt motivated to tell their parents and siblings all that they learned. 

Students saw the Golden Legion find its final resting place while at the landfill. We also saw plenty of bald eagles circling around eyeing up their next meal. Both classes asked an abundance of questions and were left feeling like they know their hometown even better than they did that morning. 


A sincere thank-you to Paige and Graham from the CSRD for making this field trip happen!