Make it clean for Earth Day!

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The Gr. 6/7 classes at Kinnaird, Twin Rivers, and Glenmerry Elementary schools celebrated Earth Day 2023 by making their own Eco Friendly All Purpose Cleaner. We first started the lesson by learning about Earth Day and why we acknowledge this global event, followed by some very inspirational videos about our amazing planet. Students then had fun exploring examples of Eco labels and then created their own for the spray bottles. Heading outside to the beautiful sun, they continued to mix the solution of 2 cups water : 2 cups vinegar : 20 drops essential oils (choice of lemon or peppermint) to create their non-toxic, natural, effective all purpose cleaner! Some students even tested the cleaner out on their school windows and desks. Ideally, the students will share their excitement with their families and start the switch to a more sustainable cleaning product, benefiting our health and our environment.