Our challenge, experience and pledge for our planet Earth!

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Students from Webster Elementary in Warfield and Twin Rivers Elementary in Castlegar have been so busy in Beyond Recycling these past few weeks!

They have embarked on the Eco-Challenge, investigating and changing behaviors around energy, water, and food in their everyday lives. Families learned how to conserve energy, water, and make homemade granola bars!  Students also jumped on a bus for the Waste Field Trip where they toured the Ootischenia Landfill, Waste Management Recycling center and the Encorp Return-it Center. Such an amazing hands on experience to truly see where all of our waste goes and how recycled materials are managed. Did you know you can recycle a toaster and a vacuum?! And just recently the students celebrated Earth Day a little early and made personal pledges for our planet Earth. “I promise to ride my bike or walk instead of always driving” (Zenith Gr.5 Twin Rivers Elementary)  “I pledge for my family to have meat free Mondays” (Mel Gr. 7 Webster Elementary) “I pledge to turn off my lights and have shorter showers” (William Gr. 7 Webster Elementary). These were just a few of the students pledges they made. They wrote them on the paper they made in the paper making lesson earlier in Beyond Recycling. Students are putting them up around their schools for other students and teachers to see, hoping for a ripple effect of positive actions!  We wrapped up these busy weeks with a fun Earth Day relay race to show the importance of how we should recognize that EVERY DAY is EARTH DAY! Congratulations to these students who have worked so hard in Beyond Recycling.