what's in my garbage?

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Have you ever sorted through your garbage? Really – have you? We did it this week as we had a special visit from a Garbologist to the Beyond Recycling program, and we found AMAZING things. Students were surprised to see that there were so many ziploc bags in the garbage, and we estimated that there class probably goes through 20-30 a day. We then calculated how many the school would use in a day, and then the year! Suddenly there was a new perspective on the amount of waste just a little baggy could create. Students came up with great ways to reduce that amount of packaging that is included in their lunch. Our Garbologist also grabbed a big bag of garbage from our dumpster that contained garbage from one whole day. It was shocking to find how much good food was wasted. Students all agreed that it’s important to talk to their parents if they don’t like what they are giving them to ensure food isn’t wasted.