Earth Day with Rossland Summit School!

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School:  Rossland Summit

The Gr. 6/7 class at Rossland Summit School celebrated Earth Day 2015 with sending a message to the community about our how to decrease our Ecological Footprint. One of the students, Savanna Tweedy and Jess Williams (Beyond Recycling facilitator) participated in the Rossland Earth Day event on Sat. April 18. We had a "We challenge you to reduce your Ecological Footprint" table, complete with an Ecofootprint quiz, simple ways to reduce your footprint, and a display of the classes footprints made on our own homemade paper. The event was a great success! On Monday April 20, the class took our footprints and put them up around town to spread our message. They looked great, and many people passing by said it was great to see "simple challenges" that they could do every day, not just on Earth day. Good job Rossland Summit School!