Good Food for Thought

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School:  Hume Elementary

Mr. Chirico’s Grade 5 Class at Hume School had great morning thinking food! With their Good Food Field Trip in mind students brainstormed what “good food” means. The impressive class discussion around food being healthy, local, organic, real with little processing, little packaging, fresh, animal friendly flowed easily.

Then, on foot in the sunshine, the class headed out to Save-On Foods to look at some food choices at one of our local grocery stores.  Karen, store manager, offered an extensive tour illustrating where much of the foods were imported from and highlighting the local and organic food choices available in store.  The class enjoyed presentations from experts in the produce, deli, seafood, meat, grocery, bakery and dairy sections and finished with a fresh baked cookie, apples and strawberries.  Thank you Save-On Foods!

Students then set off on their own investigative missions looking at plastic packaging, ingredients, meat products and apples.  Their keen detective skills found that convenient food (clam-shell packaging and pre-packaged snacks) cost more and use a lot more packaging than buying loose or bulk.  They also discovered that some foods travel all the way from New Zealand or contained many unfamiliar and artificial ingredients. Great job investigators!