And the Best Energy Source is...

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And the Best Energy Source is…Well, that depends. Where are you? What time of day is it? What natural resources do you have available? How much money do you have? And, who is debating the topic?

Mme. Webster’s grade 6 class rose to the occasion and debated the pros and cons of 5 different energy sources: solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels. The debate was filled with energy and passion, while the students respectfully presented the most positive aspects of their groups’ given energy source. Then came the firing round, where each group was put in the “hot seat”, answering questions posed by the other groups and trying to defend themselves. Nuclear Energy and Fossil Fuels got into quite the debate! 

In the end, there was no obvious “best energy source”, but the Solar group won the debate for being well prepared, showing good teamwork, and being very respectful of other speakers.