Food for Thought

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School:  Hume Elementary

At Hume School, the grade 5 students know how the foods we chose to buy, grow and eat can affect the planet, the economy and our bodies; after all, you are what you eat!  How can our food be sustainable and healthy? The class discussed the importance of our food being nutritious, local, organic, real with little processing, little packaging, fresh, and humane.

We took a Good Food Field Trip to Save-On Foods to investigate food choices at one of our local grocery stores.

Karen, store manager, offered an awesome tour highlighting the local and organic food choices available in store.  The class enjoyed presentations from experts in the produce, deli, meat, grocery, bakery and dairy departments, sampling some locally made cheese from Creston and finishing with a fresh baked cookie and oranges.  Thank you Save-On Foods for the treats and especially for your time, Karen, Paul, Gerard, Daymond and the other employees! Thanks to our parent volunteers too!