Waste Through Time - and Seasons!

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School:  McKim Elementary

The grade 5 and 6s are back for another year of Beyond Recycling! After taking a look at what ends up in a typical class garbage bin, the students in Spensley/Gunn’s class travelled back in time to look at how waste has changed over the years. To keep socially distant from the educator, this class has been learning in the school’s outdoor classroom, and this gave them the chance to pace out the distance back in time, and get a to-scale visual at how quickly things have changed.

During this lesson, students also donned paper hats to dress up as historical characters, and held signs showing the types of waste their character would have made. We had a lively discussion about what is natural, biodegradable, and what waste truly means. The recent snowfall had students thinking not only about how waste changes throughout the years, but also how waste changes throughout the seasons!