-Communities of the Future Lesson


Communities of the Future – Video Lesson 

In this lesson students will:

  • Watch the Beyond Recycling lesson video
  • Learn about sustainability and explore current examples
  • Design and build their own sustainable community based on 5 design principals

Sample instructions for students: 

  • Step 1: Go to the lesson:  www.beyondrecycling.ca/communityofthefuturehome
  • Step 2: Watch the lesson video
  • Step 3: Start your build. Add recommendations on how to build. Your build is due: —enter date here —. 
  • Step 4: Share your build. We will share your build with the class via: — enter details here —


  • Define how you want students to build – can they use Minecraft, Lego, draw their city or build it using recycling?
  • Planning stage – Do you want students to share their design before they start building?
  • Clarify how you want students to share their project eg. photos, video conference, create a video