-True Cost of Food Lesson


True Cost of Food – Video Lesson

Students watch a Beyond Recycling lesson video to explore food systems and define 5 principles to define “REAL” food. They then decide on a project to make or grow food.

In this lesson students will:

  • Watch the One Planet movie 
  • Watch the Beyond Recycling lesson video
  • Learn about food systems and define real food
  • Choose a real food project to either grow or make

Sample instructions for students: 

  • Step 1: Go to the lesson:  www.beyondrecycling.ca/truecostoffoodhome
  • Step 2: Watch the lesson videos
  • Step 4: Work on your project. Your project is due: —enter details —-.
  • Step 5: Share your project with the class via: — enter details here —

Real food project ideas: