-Screen Free EcoChallenge



Screen Free EcoChallenge

The Screen-Free EcoChallenge Includes:

  • An EcoChallenge video to explain how to complete the EcoChallenge
  • Activity: Students pledge to go screen-free for a set time period
  • Optional extension activity: Energy Investigation worksheet


To share this EcoChallenge with your students send this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/screenfree/


Sharing discussion questions:

  • How did it feel to not be “connected” on a device?
  • Is it important to take a break from screens occasionally?
  • What other skills or talents can be learned in the time away from screens?
  • Does your family currently do screen-free time?
  • Would your family pledge to do a screen-free day once a week after this experience?
  • What are the pros and cons of doing a screen-free time?
  • Did you complete the extension activity: Energy Investigation worksheet?


Note: You can choose to have the whole class complete one EcoChallenge or allow each student to choose their own EcoChallenge.  If you are doing the later, share this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/lessons/eco-challenge/