-Waste Free Granola Bar EcoChallenge


Granola Bar EcoChallenge

The Granola Bar EcoChallenge Includes:

  • An EcoChallenge video to explain how to complete the EcoChallenge
  • Activity: Students get into the kitchen to make their own granola bars
  • Optional extension activity: Food Investigation worksheet


To share only this EcoChallenge with your students send this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/granolabar/


Sharing discussion questions:

  • What did you name your granola bars?
  • How are your homemade granola bars different from the store-bought ones?
  • Are your granola bars healthy? 
  • Did you make the recipe provided or another one?
  • When we buy granola bars at the store they all have individual packaging. What are the impacts of this packaging?
  • How will you “package” your homemade granola bars?
  • Would you like to take your granola bars for a snack at school?
  • Did you complete the extension activity: Food Investigation worksheet?


Note: You can choose to have the whole class complete one EcoChallenge or allow each student to choose their own EcoChallenge.  If you are doing the later, share this link –> https://beyondrecycling.ca/lessons/eco-challenge/