Earth Day


This is where you access your Beyond Recycling Earth Day lesson bundle. We have also emailed you the link to this page so you can easily find it again in the future.

There are two types of lessons. Read below to learn more about each type.

  1. VIDEO LESSONS – Students watch a video lesson, complete a multi-day project, and then share what they made.
  2. ECOCHALLENGE INVESTIGATIONS – Students complete a behavior change activity and then report back on what they found and share their experiences.




    • A video of a Beyond Recycling lesson
    • Engaging multi-day, creative, hands-on activity
    • Optional printable worksheet to help guide activity
    • Opportunity to share results

How to use:

    1. Choose a lesson & review the video
    2. Schedule a time to watch the video with your class
    3. Set a due date for the project
    4. Plan how students will share their projects

Lessons available:





    • Hands-on EcoChallenge activities aim to inspire students to try a new behavior.
    • An easy-to-watch video slideshow that explains the activity
    • Quick to copy or easy to print worksheet that allows students to track actions
    • Fun activities that can include the whole family.
    • Share and compare results as a class.

How to use:

    1. Choose an EcoChallenge OR allow students to choose an EcoChallenge of their choice
    2. Review the video
    3. Schedule a time to watch the video with your class
    4. Discuss the EcoChallenge and set a timeline
    5. Have students share their experiences and results.

Lessons available:



As another way to say thank you for all that you do, we are hosting an Earth Day prize giveaway. Use any of the Beyond Recycling Earth Day lessons and you can enter to win one of multiple $100 cash prizes for your class. 

    • We are giving away multiple $100 cash prizes to Teachers who utilize our Beyond Recycling Earth Day lessons.
    • Enter the contest here
    • Note: We will send you a reminder email about the contest on April 26th 


What if I have a BR educator bringing the program to my classroom, can I still enter?  If you have used BR Earth Day activities, you can enter. Register online to participate. We will send you an email reminder when it is time to enter the contest (once Earth Day has passed). You can then complete the entry form and report what BR activity you did for Earth Day.