We Are Nature

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Check out all the amazing ideas we access from nature.

One response to “We Are Nature

  1. This is one of may favourite classes. The discussion that comes from this lesson is often so profound and the kids love the leaf activity. I took the class outside and also added the Connection Inspection activity, wherein, the students stand in a circle and hold onto a rope that is moved in a clockwise direction. The rope has a knot in it and when a students gets the knot they share something that in nature, i.e. trees, the rope the moves again, as the students say “Connection Inspection” the knot reaches another student and they have to say something else that is in nature,ie “sun”, the next person to receive the knot makes the connection (trees and sun- trees need the sun for photosynthesis . This is a great activity to make connection to nature and show how we are all so connected.

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